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UW-Stout Gymnastics Camps

2020 Summer Camp Additional Information

Facility & Equipment:

UW-Stout Gymnastics Camp is held on the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus located in Menomonie, WI. Campers will train in the Sports and Fitness Center, which is a few feet from their dorms. This is a well equipped facility with all AAI Elite Equipment and mats that meet NCAA standards.

2 Uneven Bars
Single Bar
Channel Bar
Pit Bar
Floor Exercise
8 Beams
All 20 cm Mats
8 Resi Pits
2 Vaults into Resi Pit
Tumble Strip into Resi Pit
Tumble Trak into Resi Pit

Previous Staff & Clinicians:
Seth Helland | UW-Stout Asst. Coach, Former Brainerd High School Coach, Legacy Gymnastics & IGM Coach, Twin City Twisters Optionals
Mike Hunger | Owner of Twin City Twisters, USA Gymnastics coach of the year
Rich Stenger | Associate Head Coach at the Univ. of Minnesota
Geralen Stack | Eaton - Asst. Coach at the Univ. of Minnesota, NCAA champion on Floor and Beam
Nadalie Walsh | Head Coach at the Univ. of Illinois
Sarah Shire | Head Coach at Penn State, Former Asst. Coach at the Univ. of Michigan
Jeff Richards | Asst. Coach at Southern Utah, Former Asst. Coach at Penn State
Jeremy Manthey | UW-Oshkosh Asst. Coach, Fromer Asst. Coach & Camp Director at UW-Stout, Former Flip Fest director
Peterson Pierre | Co-Head Coach at J&R Gymnastics, Former Asst. Coach at UW-Whitewater, Former Asst. Coach at Utah State
Andi Dolinsky |  Asst. Coach at Airforce
Louie Johnson | Former Asst. Coach at Univ. of Minnesota
Caleb Phillips | Asst. Coach at the Univ. of Washington, Former Asst. Coach at Univ. of Iowa
Eduardo Ovalle | Former Head Coach at MIT
Julie Castellano |  Coach at Roseville High School
Brittney Emmons | Asst. Coach at William & Mary
Doug & Beth Bucholtz | Coach at Flipstar Gymnastics Club
Nicole Whitaker | Dance Instructor and Professional Dancer in Movie Step Up 3D
Jonny Cann | Professional dancer from Connecticut

Tentative Schedule:


  • Check in at Gym & Dorms | 10:00-11:30am
  • Get settled in room, grab lunch, head to gym | 11:30-12:30pm
  • Afternoon workout, Skill check, groups, goals | 12:30-5:30pm
  • Dinner | 5:30-6:00pm
  • Evening Activity | 6:30-8:00pm
  • Floor meeting with Counselor | 8:15


  • Breakfast & Head to gym | 8:00-9:00am
  • Morning Workout | 9:00-12:00pm
  • Lunch Break | 12:00-1:30pm
  • Afternoon Workout | 1:30-4:15pm
  • Open gym | 4:15-5:00pm
  • Dinner | 5:00-6:00pm
  • High Ropes Course | 4:30-9:00pm


  • Breakfast & Head to gym | 8:00-9:00am
  • Morning Workout | 9:00-12:00pm
  • Lunch | 12:00-1:00
  • Optional Open Gym | 1:00-2:00pm
  • Head to Wakanda Waterpark | 2:00-5:00pm
  • Dinner | 5:15-6:00pm
  • Evening Activity | 7:00-8:00pm


  • Breakfast & Head to gym | 8:00-9:00am
  • Show - Blue Devil Day | 9:00-11:15am
  • Check out of Dorms - Pack up, and head home | 11:30am

(A detailed schedule will be given to each camper upon arrival.)