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 Where/ how do I make a payment? Where can I see my remaining balance for camp?

To make a payment or to find your remaining balance click the link below!

 After April 15th, Can I still order a leotard for my daughter?

Unfortunately, we are not able to add a leotard order after April 15th as they are custom leotards from GK and their custom leos take 8 weeks to make. Sorry for the inconvenience. You are still able to order a camp tshirt and video analysis.

 What time are parents welcome to the Friday show?

Parents are welcome at 9:00am on June 14th and June 21st. The show will start at 9:00am and last two and a half hours. Pick up time will be at 11:30am. Counselors will have campers packed up and have their belongings ready in the dorms. We ask the parents to walk with your gymnast back to the dorms to pick up belongings.

 Should I carry my daughter’s luggage into the Gym when I sign in on Monday?

Luggage and belongings does not need to be in the sports and fitness center. After the sign in process is complete you will grab your belongings and head to the dorms to check in there.

 Should I pack a fan?

Yes, you cannot go wrong with packing a fan. Usually the dorms will have air conditioning installed, but our housing department can’t guarantee it. Better safe than sorry with bringing a fan!


 Can campers leave campus if they bring a car?

Campers who drive themselves to camp will be able to park on campus but will not be able to leave. We want to make sure our campers stay busy with camp activities. Campers will be able to walk with a camp counselor to Dairy Queen for ice cream.


 How often are campers outdoors? Should campers pack sunscreen/ bug spray?

Campers will be walking to and from the gym multiple times a day. They will also be visiting the pool and adventure course. There may also be more outside activities. It is a good idea to pack sunscreen and bug spray for your daughter.


 Do the campers do a lot of walking?

Campers will be walking to and from the gym. It is a good idea to pack comfy shoes not only for walking about, but also the adventure course. Campers will only be allowed to participate in the Adventure course activities if they do have closed toed shoes (or tennis shoes). It is also a good idea to bring flip flops, there will be outside water activities!

 How long will drop off take?

Drop off will take approximately two hours. We will not provide lunch on drop off day, it is important that campers eat after being checked in. (Pack a lunch or stop at a fast food in town) Parents plan to stay for approximately two hours for check in. 

 Can we request 3 gymnasts per room?

You can request 3 gymnasts per room. Some of the dorms have triple rooms while most only allow two. With this being said, gymnasts can have sleep overs with one another. We do our best to pair up campers with their requested roommate. If three gymnasts would like to room together, but only two-person rooms are available we will put them next to one another and the third gymnast will be roomed with a gymnast of the same age.


 How do I know my daughter will be safe and cared for?

Response from coach Becky Beaulieu: “I too am a loving and concerned mom. I was hesitant as I sent my 8-year-old son to his first overnight baseball camp. I keep that I mind and try to look out for these gymnasts as if they were my own.”

Our campers walk to the gym, dining hall, and evening events together with our counselors at all times. All of our counselors are background checked and are very caring woman. The dorms are locked at all times. Campers are given a key card at check-in to access the building, and a regular key to access their rooms. The counselors do bed checks/ check ins at night and wake up visits in the morning. They are supervising the girls throughout the day. P.S. UW- Stout and Menomonie are very safe places.